Ashlea Frulla

My name is Ashlea Frulla (Cairncross). I am very happily married to the love of my life John. Together, we have three boys John Jr.(13), Caleb(10), and Dylan(10). I started my journey with It Works the end of July 2013. At that time I was working full-time in a physicians office working countless hours and getting no where when I found out about this "crazy wrap thing." My mother who lived in Floida had surprised me and come to visit and I really didn't know who she was. She looked fantastic and told me about this crazy wrap thing! She wasn't selling it herself, but she was a loyal customer to her sister and was in love with all the products and I wanted to know more. Her sister came up and started telling me about it and I signed up that night because I just wanted to lose some weight and I knew I would have enough friends to try it out to at least get free product and my aunt lived in Florida and was too far away so I figured I would give it a shot. I spent $99 and bought myself a business while managing the life of a mom, working crazy hours, and everything that goes along with life. I had a party and got 4 friends to buy product which got me to my initial goal of getting free product and then I did absolutely nothing with it! I bought product and used the products because they are amazing, but I just didn't push hard for my business. January of 2014 came around and everyone kept telling me I had to come to Florida for conference and so I did. We made a family vacation out of it and went to Florida and I went to conference where my mind was blown by this business. I came home and decided at that very moment that this business is where I was meant to be! I continued to balance my life, work, kids, home, sports, etc.... the entire year and at the end of the year I went all in and made this my JOB! I went to conference in 2015 and came home fired up!!!! After conference, my why completely changed... I am here to help others change their lives and the way of the future! I now have the freedom to be home with my children, be at all their activities, and anytime they need me! I have a job that allows me to write my own paycheck depending on how much or how little I want to work! No matter where you are in life I have found the vehicle to help you acheive bigger goals! If I can help you start your journey and be your coach I would love to help everyone in this world get healthier and wealthier doing it!!!!!  

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